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- RHYME SCHEME from Lyrical Vendetta Vol. 1

RHYME SCHEME-Beautiful/Perfect (Prod. by YTRBEATZ)


Always be on the rise, do everything possible.
Show them your guts , pass every obstacle.
Your smile will get you through the day filled with debacles
Keep it going like an energizer bunny, no stopping him.
Staying positive is what I’ve done every minute of my life
So take my hand if you can, im giving you the light.
They say that theres nothing to fear but fear itself
But if you find youself scared baby im hear to help.
Just let the beat take you away for moment
Take a deep breath and know that you never lonely
Its fine to be unusual, cause in all ways youre beautiful
Bad comments, gossip and lies, never let it get to you
Never change who you are when someone tells you that youre weak
Just know that in your own way, you remain unique.
Don’t hurt yourself in hope that whatever is wrong will bleed out
Repeat these words to yourself and read it out loud.

I’m beautiful, I’m perfect
I’m a hundred and 10 percent worth it
I know today will get brighter, all i gotta do is smile.
No matter what anyone says, I will always smile.

I know its hard to try a live through life
When it gets too much to handle, we dismantle, the only option seems to be suicide.
And who am I to try to say I never felt this way
I profusely wish and want for better days
It funny how I’ve dealt with the agonizing pain.
I heard this story of a young girl who’s soul died in vain
Cutting was the solution for coping with the bullying and bad talking
Until she cut too much, now her home is a coffin.
Its a story told every day,
Billions take their life cause verbal and physical abuse never withered away.
Beautiful humans overwhelmed by a nuisance
That’s the power of words, notice how many misuse it.
Those who mind don’t matter
those who matter don’t mind
Just remember you’re the light in someones life so try to shine.
I hope these words will get you through the day.
Hear what I say, look in the mirror and tell yourself…hey

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- RHYME SCHEME from Lyrical Vendetta Vol. 1

RHYME SCHEME-Music is Mine (Prod. by Shadzilla)

I was born a radio, grew up as a stereo.
Had strength like a boom-box, charm like a cello.
Voice of angel, beat drums like the devil
I’m past little amateurs, strum guitars searching for answers.
Ask questions like music theory,
piano keys tune my emotions clearly
And this beat colors my mind, crayola vibe psyche
Music is my humble abode and this beat us one if my wifeys
Golden retriever girls, never blow my horn for em.
Death by the dollar, the organ made funerals for em.
I’m in the clouds with humming birds, my soul’s in the sky for them
Herb lyrics cure the sick, my words can’t die on them.
So ill die for em, preserve the a b c of do re mi
Music made passion so the passion could make me.
Personified mind plus the sounds intertwined
I’m not a human. I’m music and music is mine.

If you take away my dreams, even when I’m sleeping,
I’ll steadily keep running, find something worth keeping.
Cause without this music shit, I’d rather not be breathing
throw me in the trashcan when you zip up body bag,and leave me.
Everybody has a way with dealing with pain
whether it’s downing a rum or cutting the skin by the vein.
The microphone is my 65 pills in a swallow,
my bullet to the dome when I don’t wanna see tomorrow.
From living a good life with such a blithe cause
living in a world of personalities reminiscent of blythe dolls.
Why fall to nothingness? Music is my call-ing.
Suicidal thoughts subsided due of harmony and wordplay as I write songs.
Forget about the people around me, for a moment.
Just own it. My life embodies a musical design.
In the passage of time, I become music and music is mine.

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- RHYME SCHEME from Lyrical Vendetta Vol. 1

RHYME SCHEME-Natures Own (Prod. by U’nique Music)


A one man army can’t build a Rome,
so I know it’s kinda easy to wish for a clone.
and I can never blame you for being alone,
comes with the territory of being natures own.

They call humans angels of God yet I feel I’m only heaven sent
hell bent on erasing the remembrance.
When I start to remember it, I feel the essence of my eloquence, with a message never sent to the world.
Messy letters scribbled on a page, said to be an instrument.
I’m baffled by the notes that play gaudy in my thoughts,
call me Micheal Angelo with an AK-47
cause my words that shoot to the white canvas like a gunshot.
Hand grenade to the great parade.
Wages paid in order to make a way
for handguns and artillery, drug trade most delayed.
Yet, pen and pad plus my cranium is where my weapon of choice lays.
Poison snakes, venom ace replace the saving grace.
Niger empty plates fills me with raging pace.
The daily routine becomes a daily race,
different day same shit is how the pavement paves.
My blood runs colder than the banks off the Galilee.
Nile river flows infinite, posses artistic traits.
My words like thunderstorms, hailstorms swarm without the slightest wait
Follow me into the woods so distant and hollow
be apart of my plan where the vision is shallow,
cause your eyes so callow that won’t see yourself as a mallow
flower, rather pale and fallow so you go to sleep, you’ll be better tomorrow.
You hear the iller noise, like Chicago
roam Areas like the Bay,
You’d learn the value of life over money
but you forget about how much of your life pays
and how much of your life you wasted today,
if you ever had a chance to get it back, what would you do differently?
Shit, I’d probably blow the sun out of it’s misery and cause a disarray
cause all you know about the world is love and hate.

A one man army can’t build a Rome,
so I know it’s kinda easy to wish for a clone.
I can’t blame you for being alone,
comes with the territory of being natures own.

Lyrical Vendetta Vol. 1

(Note: I need to finish up my essay and study my Japanese homework, so I’m going to make this brief and simple.

I realize that I haven’t made a legit post on my music tumblr since I started it up, but I’m happy to announce that my first mixtape is up for download. Please take into consideration that this is my FIRST EVER MIXTAPE. Over the course of 3 years, I worked very hard on this masterpiece and I think you all will find that there have been many stages in making the music and there are things that have changed between when I started and when I finished. In addition to the upload of this mixtape, I will be providing links and other music on this page so please check back regularly.

That’s all I have to say. Thanks,

RHYME SCHEME//Bryan Dupont-Gray)


1. Intro (Prod. by Docta J)
2. Lyrical Vendetta (Prod. by Shadzilla)
3. Natures Own (Prod. by U’nique Music)
4. Melancholy (Prod. by Soulboi)
5. Good Rhymes, Sweet Beats (Prod. by MARKFADER)
6. Intermission
7. We Stay Fly (Ft. Suni Solomon) (Prod. by MARKFADER)
8. Flirtationship (Ft. Mikko Cisco) (Prod. by The Innovatorz)
9. Beautiful/Perfect (Prod. by YTRBEATS)
10. Send For Me (Prod. by Shadzilla)
11. Music is Mine (Prod. by Shadzilla)
12. I Hate Myself (Prod. by YTRBEATS)
13. Outro (Prod. by Shadzilla)